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USA 2.920 53.23%
Germany 1.300 20.43%
Australia 760 10.35%
United Kingdom 690 7.87%
Romania 600 5.94%
Brasil 550 4.34%


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With Tania Andrew

  1. crash

    Hola! How are you?

  2. Puff... I'm alright. How are you?

  3. crash

    I'm ok too!

  4. Well, it was nice hearing from you.

  5. OK, bye-bye See you!


  • Some title

    Wifey made the best Father's Day meal ever. So thankful so happy so blessed. Thank you for making my family We just had fun with the “future” theme !!! It was a fun night all together ... The always rude Kanye Show at 2am Sold Out Famous viewing @ Figueroa and 12th in downtown.

    11 hours ago via Twitter
  • Another One

    Thank God for the support of my wife and real friends. I also wanted to point out that it’s the first album to go number 1 off of streaming!!! I love you Ellen and also my number one design rule of anything I do from shoes to music to homes is that Kim has to like it....

  • Another Title

    Called I Miss the Old Kanye That’s all it was Kanye And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye Famous viewing @ Figueroa and 12th in downtown LA 11:10PM

    What if Kanye made a song about Kanye Royère doesn't make a Polar bear bed but the Polar bear couch is my favorite piece of furniture we own It wasn’t any Kanyes Set on his goals Kanye